mot diagram

The MOT is an inspection set by the government (a department called VOSA), so every MOT is the same for every car. The car has to pass minimum standards for safety and emissions once a year, or the government says it's not roadworthy.
The MOT is a visual test: the tester doesn't take anything apart.

It is a legal requirement and driving your car without an MOT can make your insurance invalid and the driver can be fined up to £1000.
This diagram briefly shows which parts of the vehicle are inspected during the MOT.

We have four qualified MOT Testers amongst our team of Vehicle Technicians, so there’s always someone available to carry out an MOT Test.

Our Testers are more than happy to go through with you any issues with the inspection or give any advice if needed.

Give us a call on 02920 670 999 to book your car in for an MOT.