Here at Shah’s Motor Company we do our best to sort out all of your Motoring needs. So on top of MOTs, Servicing and Repairs, we also offer the following services
Car Sales – We have a dedicated Car Sales Team just two units away from our Garage where we have over 50 Cars in stock. Prices start from just £500 and we can also take your old car in Part Exchange. Click here to browse through our current selection of Vehicles or give our Sales Team a call   
Taxi Plating – This is a service we offer for Taxis, where we carry out an MOT type inspection of the vehicle to make sure it is roadworthy and meets the requirements set by the Local Authority.
Pick up and Drop off Service – Haven’t got enough time? No worries.. We can pick up your car from anywhere in the local area and then drop it off to you once the repair has been completed. There may be a small charge for this service – Please contact us for more information
Local Recovery – If you happen to break down and don’t have Breakdown Cover, we could send out a Recovery Truck and pick you up. Our Vehicle Technician can either take you to our Garage or drop you off home.
The price for this service will vary depending on location so please call 02920 670 999 for more information
End of Life Vehicles – Unfortunately cars don’t last forever and there always comes a time when you have to part ways with your beloved vehicle. Whether it’s come to the end of its life or you’re just after something different, We can help.
We can take your unwanted vehicle, saving you the time and hassle of selling/scrapping it.
Please contact us for more information or call our Sales Team on 02920 320 325 if you wish to part ex your car for a new one.